Monday, August 21, 2006

The New Book on Altruism

After 3 long years of solid writing, it is finally done!

The Title: The Invisible Matrix
Subtitle: The Evolution of Altruism, Culture, Human Behavior, & the Memory Network

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See table of contents and extended excerpt.

Book Back:

Why did we evolve to be altruistic?

Why did we evolve to value a society of equals?

Why are we the only species to care for our aging members?

How did we become capable of culture?

These are the longstanding puzzles of human behavioral evolution that have defied explanation within the classic Darwinian framework. For the first time, promising clues to these intractable puzzles are emerging from an unexpected field – computer science. According to a growing body of research, delicate living systems and bulky computers are both information systems engaged in the storage, transmission, and processing of information.

This shared characteristic of life systems and our information technology devices gives us an opportunity to study human evolution using concepts from computer science. Such analysis, as detailed in The Invisible Matrix, points to the existence of an important ‘invisible’ adaptation in human beings. This ‘invisible’ adaptation is a memory network mechanism, and it is the reason we evolved to be cultural beings, who are altruistic, who value equality, and our aging elders.

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